ATF and Maintenace

J R Adams is now an approved DVSA (formerly VOSA) Authorised Testing Facility (ATF). We just completed work on Tyne and Wears’ first purpose built drive through Authorised testing facility (ATF).

We will provide testing facilities for a full range of vehicles including PSV’S, trucks and trailers as well as cars and vans.

Coupled with our onsite workshop we can maintain and test all types of vehicles including total fleet management. If your vehicle were to fail test quick repairs can usually be done in house meaning your vehicles may not need to leave the testing station.

Located just off the A1 next door to the Metro centre we provide the most convenient location in the North East to bring your vehicles. This will mean less down time for your vehicles and reduced diesel costs. Please see attached pricing list for testing facilities and please contact us with any maintenance queries.

Testing price guide

Axles Test fee Lane fee
Unit 2 £91 £40
3 £113
4 £137
Unit retest 2 £35 £25
3 £49
4 £65
Trailer 2 £41 £40
3 £54
4 £64
Trailer retest 1 £18 £25
2 £25
3 £33
PSV Up to 22 seats £103 £44
23-49 seats £128
Over 49 seats £128
PSV retest Up to 22 seats £39 £25
23-49 seats £56
Over 49 seats £56


Additional prices

Trailer hire £25
Multi check £40
Brake test
(per axle)
Headlight or emissions £15
Headlight & emissions £25
Submit test for customer £25
Submit test with loaded trailer for customer £50

ADR tests

Initial application £83
RPC test with MOT £18
RPC test without MOT £30

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